Outreach ideas

How you can use Come Follow Me  at your church

DVD “Flyer:
Members can give the DVD to neighbors or friends as an invitation to church (similar to a flyer or door-hanger)
Visitor handout:
Hand out copies as a way to encourage visitors to return.
Movie night:
Host a movie night—and then give copies to viewers to share with friends in the community.
Home Viewing:
Suggest members use it in a home setting for a gathering of friends.
Local Events:
Hand out copies at a local fair or other public event.
Sunday school class, grade school, or youth can use the DVD.
Evangelism Committee:
Your congregation’s evangelism committee can use it to invite prospects to Easter Sunday services.
Spanish Use:
The DVD has a Spanish-language track, so it’s an outstanding tool for outreach in Hispanic communities. (Spanish study guide here)


Spanish- language version of Come Follow Me playing at a church in Leon, Mexico


 WATCH! Examples of the many ways congregations are using Come Follow Me.

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We showed the entire video during the worship service last Sunday. A number of adults were actually brought to tears. Everyone was engaged. Prior to the service, we sent invitations to  members and people on our prospect list. We plan to use the Bible study for the next seven weeks; I've heard several people who don't normally come to Sunday morning Bible class say that they plan on coming. Then, after those seven weeks, we will be hand-delivering the movie to about 90 prospects, and we will give a copy to those members who would like to hand one out as well.

Pastor Brian Schmidt

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